Mal & Her Merry Mayhem: Youtube Bound

cinematic value:


personality/entertainment value:

epic, obvie


So why not bring that bubbly, unfiltered personality to the online video stage to give the whole vlog bit a go.

Expect the unabashedly shameless, bizarro mischief you find here, on snapchat and throughout my menacing online presence,  only  published on a highly enthralling and engaging cinematic platform…where for whatever reason(probably the fact that i am genuinely transparent in coming forth with the endless lineup of mishaps and mal-functions endured in daily life–and its not always a pretty picture, as im sure you’d imagine)(


what to expect as my youtube channel goes forward?

…………well a little bit of this…a little bit of that…………

  • interviews
  • trend analysis (on digital, pop-culture, and social matters)
  • product reviews
  • DIY/Tutorials (put your hard helmet on if you know what’s good for you!)
  • and rants and raves


let’s do it babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy