Thrifting Tips Part II

proud to thrift

If you can’t tell by now, I am a die hard thriftin vixen. I did a post a few months back called the Ten Thrift Commandments in which I detailed a list of ten pertinent thrifting tips. But there was much more advice I had to give to you thrifters out their looking to spruce up your thrift game. A series of lopsided thrifting travails, scurrying throughout the OKC metro to explore the likes of Goodwill & Co. made me realize there was more to thrift success, which is why I wanted to develop an evolving series of  blog posts on Thrifting Tips I’m constantly learning/ So here in the flesh, is the second round of sage wisdom.

  1. jerry springer thrift spoofIt’s a hit or miss game—the bitter sweet part of thrifting is that you never know what lurks Beneath the littered heap of second hand clutter. Keep your eyes wide open.
  2. Buy a goodwill savings card. $5 goes a long way
  3. I’ve alluded to the tenacity often embodied by cutthroat thrifters( old, feeble, wrinkly—seemingly no threat whatsoever, you may be thinking. Watch out they’re the most ferocious of all. The sweet granny look is mere facade)find something you might be interested in? Grab that shit! The minute you show a spark of curiosity towards something, those veiny vultures get smashmouth.
  4. Don’t forget to check out the dressing room relics. Just because the last heffer couldn’t squeeze into that size 2 dress doesn’t mean you should miss out on the opportunity
  5. Get in good with the staff. Get in on a first name basis, joke around[inside jokes are pivotal here] and mind your manners while perusing the racks. This is not just a Machiavellian scheme to score extra bargains (though it has a great track record) but it is a general rule for life that so many high horse mounted industry customers can’t seem to comprehend
  6. Frequent the delinquent[shops, places, street sales] that other prudes are afraid to approach. Thrifting isn’t for sissies and the best deals mandate you being the bad bitch No joke here. Ignore the folklore behind swanky hood thrift chit chat. Bougie areas correlate with amped up prices and picked over thrift litter. I’m either crazy or just a wild vagabond who dare goeth gently into the good hood.
  7. Check what’s on display. Sometimes the most fabulous things are here but they are so often overlooked. You can find great things in the front glass case with all the “fanciest stuff”
  8. Pre-purchase, bring out your inner prick and meticulously examine the item for blemishes, snags or any other flaws. If it’s a mere boo-boo that can be easily fixed, access the time and error and if it’s still worth it, buy the thing!
  9. Acclimate yourself with each stores patterns and ways. For instance, it’s Garage Sale season here in Oklahoma, and Monday mornings always feature the detritus of weekend Garage Sales.