The Ten Thrift Commandments



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It’s the 10 Thrift Commandments



A contrarian defiance of “the norm” is a bedrock feature in my life. My wayward high jinks  and rebellious streak that emblemitized my rugrat years, has left an unrequited imprint,  spilling over into this supposed “adulthood” of mine.  It must be a part of my genetic makeup to circumvent institutionally implemented social standards. One such manifestation of this renegade rebellion is seen in my down right refusal to pay full price for clothes. I’m no fashionista—keeping up with trends,  labels, etc.  mandates time, effort, and meticulous devotion that I personally am too indifferent to tend to.. However, home girl has Style. My wardrobe is a kaleidoscopic sartorial playground full of lovely prints and damn good finds. Aside from a few designer purse splurges, I can proudly say that at least 80% of my closet was purchased on a second hand basis.


  1. Acclimate yourself with the thrift scene in your city. Note which thrift shops you like the most, what stores specialize in particular inventory, and remember to familiarize yourself with the sale schedules.
  2. Once you’ve found your go-to stores, create a systematic way to navigate through mish-mash menagerie. Make a strategy that’s best tailored to your needs and interests and stick to it, or else you might find yourself engulfed in overwhelm, aimlessness, and extensive amount of inordinate time commitment,\

*I usually set a timer for the amount of time I allow myself to run rampant through the aisles of hand-me-down clothes and bric-a-brac. This not only instills boundaries on my shopping, it amplifies the experience by giving it a Super Market Sweep feel

*If you’re as drawn to the thrill of the thrift as I am,you might find yourself behaving in Tasmanian Devil like fashion. To avoid this haywire fiasco, make a list of items you’re specifically looking for. Also think about how the potential purchase would fit in with your wardrobe or living room scheme. If you like the piece but it simply has no resonance for you, forfeit the unnecessary expenditure.

3. Develop expertise in a specific niche (e.g. vintage pyrex) so you can really get to know and identify valuable items worth purchasing others would often overlook.

*If profit is your thrifting priority , get to know which brands and items are popular and/or valuable on the market.  If you are unsure about particular brands  learn what constitutes quality fabrics and other item variables so you can still spot well-made pieces. This can be a source of easy money

4. Be vigilant as you scrupulously examine the quality and  condition of items, looking for blemishes, major signs of wear and tear, and proper functionaliy. It’s easy to get sucked into a vortex of thrill and excitement upon finding a rare item, because spotting  rips or cracks in the aftermath of the thrift hunt is a mega boner kill.

5. Look all over the store because you never really know what gems you might find. Often things are misplaced and the never-ending mystery behind the whole thrifting game is that you never ever know what you might find. 19 Signs You’re Addicted to Thrift Shopping

6. Try anything on that strikes your curiosity..even when in doubt. Without an open mind, I might have resisted purchasing some of my very fave wardrobe assets.  And for the shoestring prices and potentially big-time returns encompassed in the thrift world, it’s definitely worth it to allocate a generous amount of time for your thrifting endeavors


7. With new inventory constantly making way into the store, stalk your local shops with a bounty hunter’s fervor and a Machiavellian strategy in hand.  It’s not dainty grannies dominating the thrift scene anymore. No way jose. Forget manners, these smashmouth hooligans dominating local thrift shops have no qualms leaving a demolition derby. I’m talking fanny pack-clad smash mouth gaggle of hungry hungry hooligans. Make frequent thrift store runs and get their early as possible to fend off other predatory thrift monsters. To turn to Ric Flair’s words of wisdom, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.”

8. While you don’t want to run about all silly nilly, thinking outside of the box for how you might be able to cleverly repurpose pieces you run into. Sometimes a little nip and tuck can completely revive an item

9. While I love thrift stores oh so much, don’t forget about other resale market places like Craigslist,Garage sales, Ebay and Flea markets.

10. Get in good with the staff. This doesn’t just go for thrift stores either. It’s just the Southern Way to treat everyone with respect and kindness. But once you are a regular and especially if you offer to volunteer you are much more likely to get some insider info on what special odds and ends have entered the scene.