Martin Shkreli: Digital Douchebag

There’s a lot of things one can say about pharma-bro, Martin Shkreli. Most of these prevailing opinions essentially point to the fact that he’s not a super good guy….

                     Not your grandma’s villain. 

Aside from his unremitting digital harassment shenanigans, hiking the price of his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals’, AIDS drug, Daraprim, from $13.50 to $750 per pill, condescendingly mocking Congress during the ensuing securites fraud investigations, he most appallingly bought the one and only existing copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, a Wu Tang Clan album, for $2 million.

Unlike other collector’s items that might be rare and endangered, or culturally significant, this is not only a one-of-a-kind piece, it’s the sole vestige of 6 years worth of Wu Tang’s blood, sweat, and legendary talent. It’s a hip hop icon that deserves to be preserved with upmost respect rather than auctioned off as a publicity stunt to feed Shkreli’s egotistically driven yet precariously fragile sense of self worth . My guess is Wu Tang would rather Kim Jong Un have won the bid than Shkreli, dubbed “the most hated man in America”. Wu Tang members had no qualms expressing  their unabashed disdain towards little old Pharma Bro.
What makes the heinous act all the worst, is that he deprived the public of hearing the record via streaming. Of course, he did open up a few sample tracks as promised, after Trump won the election(an overt “screw you” to Clinton )

To say Shkreli has had a controversial past, even outside of the pharmaceutical hoopla, would be an understatement.  He’s posed a number of Twitter based snide, pretentious and utterly oblivious hate-fueled remarks against many high profile figures who have called out his unethical high jinks, including Hillary Clinton. And rather then make a simple statement back to the former president candidate he took a vehement vendetta against her, standing outside her apartment on periscope yelling things like “why are you so sick?”(he made numerous claims pre-election that Clinton showed obvious signs of Parkinson’s)

Other Shkreli Feuds:

  • Ghostface Killa
  • Patton Oswald
  • Stephen Colbert
  • Lauren Duca (an incident that got him banned from Twitter)
  • Lil Wayne

At his essence Shkreli—rather than going into hiding like most on trial and under legal and social scrutiny would—uses a countless subterfuge of theatrics to remain quasi -relevant—using social media as a channel to obfuscate his unethical acts while extending  the unethical nature of his legal convictions and deplorable pharmaceutical business practices. The overarching theme he has to defend himself is that having acquired substantial money has made him better than others and immune from legal, social and ethical standards. *****

But after being convicted of two counts of securities fraud this past August (and the jurors had quite a few snarky Shkreli-based jabs of their own) Pharma Bro has decided to put the most valuable album having ever been sold up for auction on eBay. With 8 days left the 313 bids have already brought the albums auction value past $1 mil. Will be interesting to see if you and where this auction goes considering that on the one hand it is such a legendary collectors piece but is also in the current hands of America’s greatest villain. Take a look at the auction as it unravels here: Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

                     Shkreli’s Item Description

******Ironically as I wrote this I looked back to see if there had been any Shkreli news updates(I had a hunch or just have become so familiar with his relentless antics to know the likelihood of more Shkreli shenanigans) and saw several news report updated just posted ten minutes ago, wherein federal prosecutors filed a court motion for a judge to revoke Shkreli’s bail due to threats made on social media towards Hillary Clinton and harassing remarks made towards other women

This isn’t the end to my musings on Martin Shkreli.