Playful Creativity

I stumbled on an article from copyblogger today that serendipitously encapsulated the life theme I had recently decided upon: playful creativity.  I had just yesterday beckoned into my life. The piece chronicles the creative travails of Melissa Dinwiddie, the self proclaimed Happiness Catalyst and Creativity Instigator behind the innovative business she befittingly called Living a Creative Life. As a dynamic spark plug with a zest for unearthing vestiges of creative bedrock from the most humdrum of creatively stifled clients.
What Dinwiddie has successfully managed to preserve is the illustrious surplus of creative pixie dust which education social institutions strip children of—the kaleidoscopic capacity to wonder— in their sterile ascent to adulthood.And so hi ho hi ho, its off to work they go; so long, bye bye starry eyes. This was the perfect impetus to get me back in the blogging game, a mere paradigm shift that replaces the burdensome mentality with a playful, blissful one.
Alan Watts ‘Music and Life’ video produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone which shrewdly exposes the creatively crippling homogenization that occurs within the educational system—a hoax, a dreadful hoax, while all along”it was a musical thing and we were supposed to sing or dance while the music was being played”

As I browse through the whimsical array of jovial creative iterations, I’m reminded of my first encounter with the collision of playfulness and literature. It was during a some winter exam season, when I was overworked, under slept, and having been parked in Bobst library for what seemed like an unwavering series of months, I was even more deeply plagued by creative paralysis. My mind was too busy churning out factoids, timelines, and somewhat cohesive argue exclusive privilege to take a Red Bull break, I sophomorically drifted into an aisle with a jarringly vibrant hued book jacket. Well aware that I was hinging on a mummy like metamorphosis, I dove into the technicolored wonderland that I later found out was befittingly titled “Living Juicy: Daily Morsels for Your Creative Soul”
 poster-livingjuicylg (1)
It was as if I myself had unleashed a pile of radiant crayolas and let my 6 year old free spirit unabashedly roar onto the page with  chicken scratched scribble. And what it was, what SARK was able to create was poetic liberation at its finest. It not only ruffled the feathers of stoic exam mode Mal, it illuminated a new mode of thought—the sublime merriment of creation and  joie de vivre that we MUST manifest in our lives, especially as creatives, if we are to find sublime happiness, despite rampant imperfections and our bountiful pitfalls. Creative transcendence is where the weight of gravity and other mortal remnants and fallacies bare no consequence on the expanse of our minds and capacities.
With over 15 titles, SARK’s books are comprised of snippets of self-embracing love notes  coupled with bright, vivid imagery. I found SARK in the midst of teenage angst and doldrums, and the free-spirited, self-love perpetuating manifestos contained within her illustrated worldly collages, contributed more to the evolution of my unabashed whimsically lyrical writerly style than any other influence..thanks to that vagabond departure from the workaholic status quo.