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Victoria Beckham for Target

Target Becoming Even More Posh

I had almost lost hope in Target collaborative magic until they recently enchanted the fashion world with news that the Posh Princess herself, Victoria Beckham, would be the next sartorial sorceress to join the line-up of all star Target designer collabs. With open arms we welcome the illustrious, and highly coveted addition to Target’s uber chic roster: Victoria Beckham for Target Collection.

Let Them Have Their Cake and Eat It Too

The collection will feature almost 200 items including pieces for kids, plus sizes, and girls, With pieces costing between $6-$70, and most items priced under $40, the collab brings high-end lusciousness to the masses, as Target is prone to graciously do through their collaborations. In an interview with Target, Beckham stated, “For a while now, I have been thinking how great it would be to work on clothes for a customer that either doesn’t want to pay or can’t pay designer prices. I loved the idea of opening the brand up to a wider audience ”

Although we have to wait until April 9, 2017 for Beckhamania to unearth(as I predict it will with as much clamor and ferocity as Lilly-palooza caused in the Target sphere almost two years earlier. The two designer collabs couldn’t be any more different, but Lilly Pulitzer and Victoria Beckham represent two sides of my personal fashion sensibility, a hyper girly, mixture of mod accoutrements such as grandiose bows and perfectly cascading ruffles of Victoria by Victoria Beckham and the pink, Palm Beach playfulness which emblamitzes Lilly Pulitzer’s classic look.

So, indeed, I am gaga for this collab to go down, and you better believe that I’ll be one of those loony PoshHeads camping out the night before #vbxtarget goes live!

how to judge a man

My mom taught me that there are three particular behaviors you need to acknowledge in a man to really judge his character

  • How he treats his mom
  • How he treats waiters
  • How he treats animals

Obviously, there are certain circumstances that might convolute the wisdom contained with this pragmatic nugget of advice. Maybe a tragic childhood incident with a cantankerous K9 has inspired bowwow trepidation. Maybe external forces outside of a man’s power tattered his maternal bond. But under no reasonable circumstance should any man degrade, belittle, or shortchange members of a wait staff.

don't f#$* them books


I’d like to add my own personal addendum here. If bae’s bookshelves are devoid of literary material, so too is his mind likely one bereft of stimulating substance. So make sure to survey that bookcase of his, ladies.


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