A Freudian Look At The Uncanny Conveyed In The Film American Beauty

It’s all a matter of perspective–at least that’s the case in Sam Mendes’ American Beauty (1999): a visual panoply of thrilling satirical vignettes exposing the craftily concealed perversities and turmoil that lay beneath the film’s multiple manifestations of farcical representations. Mendes artfully crafts a topsy-turvy satire about the homogenizing attempts of Suburbia to sublimate individuality[…]

shopping addiction: a prevailing social menace

The convenience and accessibility of the iPhone has engendered a quick-fix society that relies of iPhone technologies like Tinder to find easy, local  hook-ups, get food and other time-consuming errands hand delivered on the fly through apps like Favor, and through an endless array of shopping apps, open a world of purchasing possibilities by the mere[…]