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100+ Ideas for Blog Post Content


If, like me, you’ve suffered from blogging post ideas sufficiency, danced the morbid dance of writer’s block…you know that the vexing plague seems to seep into your entire notion of self worth with machette-like might. Perfectionism, over-analyzing, and the notion of publicly launching your most intimate seedlings of self and intellect into the capricious tides of the web, is a bold move.  Bianca Bass’s recent piece lyrically encapsulates the plight of writer’s block, “See, that’s the thing about fear. It cripples and consumes you and determines the outcome of your life for you.”  This is so true, and as we know it’s that diabolical, Machiavellian ego that is solely to blame for the internal rabble rousing that stifles our forward front. And God bless her feisty zest in reminding us to “Look that motherf*cker in the face and tell it: No. More.” Girlcrushing so hard right now!

If you do find yourself mired in a creative drought here are over 100 generic blog post ideas to get that creative mind churning.

PERSONAL(Getting to Know You)

  • 20 random facts about you?
  • What is/are your ultimate aspirations in life?
  • Write about your hobbies(as a post or series)
  • What are some hobbies or skills you would like to take on but haven’t had the chance to?
  • Tell us about your family
  • Tell us about your friends
  • Tell us about where you are from and where you lived?
  • Tell your story
    • In a condensed form
    • In a detailed form
    • From a professional perspective
    • From a personal, deep, thoughtful introspective position
  • Show and tell us about your home
  • Show and tell us about where you work
  • Tell us about your organization system/habits?
  • What are some of the rituals you’ve  set in place in your life to achieve harmony and balance?
  • How do you balance your priorities in life?
  • What is your Myers-Briggs personality type
  • What are your guilty pleasures?
  • What is your favorite season of the year?
  • Get deep-Talk about a mental disorder you suffer from, adversity you’ve overcome or are mired in–be vulnerable, be human.
  • Make a long list about things you like
  • Do you work out? What’s your regimen like? If not, why aren’t you?
  • What things are you addicted to?
  • Make a stream of consciousness post
  • A Portrait of A Day in Your Life
    • Via pictures
    • Via screenshots
    • Via texts
    • Via thoughts
    • What are your flaws, what do you need to improve
  • What are your strengths, what are you good at?
  • Write a personal manifesto
  • What valuable advice do you have to offer
  • Great lifehacks
  • Show Something you have made
  • Things I’m Reading, Writing, Listening To, Watching (weekly post series)
  • Create a video about something (something you love, a talent you have, ANYTHING visual opens the grounds for the transparency users crave)
  • Post a series of screenshots from your phone


  • Your Favorite Books, Why?
  • Top 5 must-read books?
  • Top 3 Best Movies Ever?
  • What is your go-to Karaoke song?
  • What is your battle anthem?
  • What are your favorite podcasts?
  • Review a podcast that resonates with you
  • What are your favorite types of Youtube videos?
  • Review a Youtube channel you think your audience would be interested in
  • Who are your favorite Youtube vloggers that you subscribe to?
  • Favorite instagram accounts
  • Social media crush?
  • Favorite TV Shows?
  • Review the shows you are watching
  • Analyze shows you are watching
  • Describe your relationship between traditional media and new(digital) media.


  • What are your favorite online sites to shop at? Make a list and provide links
  • Greatest purchase of all time?
  • Favorite thing purchased on Amazon?
  • Biggest Amazon spending regret?
  • Amazon wishlists: do you have one, what’s on it?
  • If you could only live with five products, what 5 would you want for the rest of your life?
  • Best purchase under $25
  • Best buy for under $50
  • What is the best gift you have ever received
  • Show us a recent shopping haul(series)
  • Video an unboxing of something cool you ordered(make sure you know what’s in the box–one time I did a hyped up unboxing of some Amazon gadget and it turned out to be Resume paper—MALFUNCTION))
  • What jobs have you had?
  • Worst job experience?
  • Do you have any side-hustle projects?
  • Do you intend to make money blogging or is it just a hobby for you?


  • Make a glossary of key definitions integral to your industry
  • Follow industry trends and write about what is trending(series)
  • Respond to an indsutry-related post or article(series)
  • Who is dominating your industry?
  • Who do you respect the most in the indsutry and why?
  • What newsletters do you suscribe to and recommend?
  • What are the must-read blogs in the field?
  • Who should your audience follow on social networks and where can they find them?
  • Data-driven posts on your industry’s ecosphere
  • Answer questions about your industry have(Check out sites like Quora to find questions)
  • Interview someone influential in your field
  • Round up the best links in the industry(turn into a weekly series)
  • Survey readers, report and analyze results
  • Create a slideshow presentation using slideshare
  • Do a case study on something pertaining to your field
  • Create a person/product/company profile in which you talk about someone/thing and why they are venerable or deplorable
  • Rant on something/anything especial 


  • Why did you start blogging?
  • What blogs do you like to read?
  • What amazing blogs have you recently discovered?
  • Do you read blogs because you like the person behind the blog? Or do you just like objective, valuable straight to the point content?
  • What are some blogs you love that are completely unrelated to your blogging niche?
  • Describe your blogging planning/writing/marketing process?(1 post or a series)
  • What is the story behind the name of your blog?
  • Tie holidays(big and small e.g. National Puppy Day) into your blog in some way
  • Tie trending issues into your blog in unusual clever ways..people like oddball kinda contenT
  • What social networks do you belong to?
  • What are your top three favorite social networks? What do you think you get out of each?
  • Which social networks do you use on a daily basis ranked by time on each?


  • What tech gear do you utilize?
  • What’s in your bag?
  • What is the one app you couldn’t live without?
  • What are your favorite apps and why?
  • Review iPhone Apps (series)
  • How do you deal with information overload?

the internet rabbit hole


Judge Judy’s Net Worth, by the way, is $250 million

I can’t be the only denizen of the digital age that this resonates with am I? The notion of scrambling around the internet from one spellbinding digital trap to another, like an addled June Bug soaring on a sugar high is one I’m much too familiar with. Oh the pitfalls of digital distraction. The chokehold technology possesses over our life has been amplified by online and mobile connectivity, however a fixation with media has always been inherent in culture as perfectly conveyed in these lines of “Radio Ga Ga” by Queen

I’d sit alone and watch your light
My only friend through teenage nights
And everything I had to know
I heard it on my radio

QUEEN, Radio Ga Ga

One of the most welcomed and  poignant additions that digital media has ushered in is the transformation of the one—>many model which has buttressed the media landscape since the Gutenberg Press, helplessly arresting us in the consumer seat. But the dawning of online media brings a refreshing many—>many paradigm, giving online users access to an interactive network of information sharing wherein users are both producers and consumers of media.

Having tools for production on hand, gives a democratically invigorating capacity to bloggers, social media users, podcasters, et al. But with the infinite advances in social network development, technological evolution, and multi-media content overwhelm, it can often be difficult, or better yet, paralyzing, to amp up the production game. So I thought writing on the topic at hand would give me an unrequited opportunity to break the agonizing  blogging rut / creative paralysis I’ve recently endured.

Throughout this lengthy interim, I’ve taken a zig-zaggy mecca through almost every nook and cranny on the web as a bonafide lurker. I’m a lifelong creative renegade and writing and creating is the essence of my lifeblood.  But publicly showcasing my writing and other creative relics online, just seemed too pretentious. I’m no one special. I think it’s this crippling thought that thwarts ever so many starry-eyed creatives from venturing online into their own publishing odyssey. The self-proclaimed social media experts/smankers, that  over the online marketing realm were daunting, but lets face it, in reality anyone can claim the rights to social or digital media expertise—we can shape and build our online identities as we please.

Despite being highly extroverted, I had always found myself tippy-toeing around the online realm, filled with trepidation at the lack of self control that seemed to possess me every time I confronted the labyrinthine online abyss. Letting go of this cautious demeanor, and forcing myself to interactively engage online has been a liberating process. But it’s also made me see how very detrimental it can be to productivity, if not exercised with the brute force of will power. But after far too many discursive jaunts into the Broad City-style thrill seeking escapades online, I decided to put the petal to the medal on this blogging bitch.

I forcefully cut off online connectivity for NEARLY 6 HOURS, making a sacrifice tantamount to Thoreau’s transcendental 2 year hiatus from society to compose Walden.

I went offline because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life

While I don’t advise the feign of heart to undergo such panic-inducing bouts of solitude and meditative silence which accompany the angst incurred in a techno-free life, I myself was able to introspectively rise above the notification laden world and in doing so was able ruminate introspectively and ponder on the state of the digital ecosystem.

The reasons we fall into the internet rabbit hole:



We are intrinsically enmeshed in a labyrinth network that, courtesy of mobile technologies, persists to haunt us unremittingly. Once we’ve logged on (and let’s face it, we’re always on) The state of constant connectivity—coined ambient awareness by Clive Thompson— is a peripheral social sentience that keeps us circuitously intertwined to the social media loop. We’ve now become accustomed to the public mosaic of minutia filled snippets that barrage the online world. And the amount of content is overwhelming and often times paralyzing. The web as we know it is has become a phantasmagoria of social thinking, spawning and endless stream of collaborative ideas in such abundance that we can get engulfed in the current. We are composing 3.6 trillion words online per day. When we add in the videos, podcasts, image it’s no wonder the  great multimedia aggregate is so enrapturing.


The power of digital media resides in its capacity to captivate our attention in capricious and sporadic intervals, thereby creatively enlivening us with spontaneous raptures of joy. The cascading sea of arbitrary nuggets we confront in a state of web-nosis inaugurates a free association of link leapfrogging and world wide wandering which thus thrusts us into the ponderous whims of creative ideation and discovery. Sure such helter-skelter vagabond ways are contrary to the linear frame of thought inculcated through educational and social    conventions, but in the land of endless possibility and inspiration, the creative mind crescendoes.


Subcultural communitiies have always existed but the anonymity inherent in most online community forums have bolstered the safety and comfort for fringe culture to migrate online and find  peace and comfort. Subcultures are technically a smaller group within a culture with shared values and interests, but deviate from mainstream culture. A peak into the cavernous multitudes of  highly interactive Subreddits is emblematic of the unabashed subculture craze. Fringe interests are no longer subject to locker-stuffing shame, and rather than conceal vestiges of nerdy fandom, members of fringe subs can relish in a shared bond of  goo-goo-geekery with other fanatical community members.



“Fear of Missing Out” is a term spawned in the wake of Millenial hyper-connected overdrive. Michael Hogan writes that FOMO is, “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent… the desire to stay continually connected to what others are doing.” A new wave of studies are noting the many negative implications inherent to FOMO, which is often believed to be rooted in an underlying sense of insecurity. Underscored within the FOMO current is an age shackled by the always on always connected zeitgeist. We are so intertwined with one another through the serpentine construct of networked connectivity, which expedites and quantifies the process of socialization, while risking the intimate, quality relationships that have binded mankind together since the beginning of time. In the age of shortcut city, convenience trumps all, and so we flock to this networked connectivity to attain what Sherry Turkle identifies as “the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship.”







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