Take a look at a curated list of my favorite links of the week:

  • 9 tricks to making your outfit look expensive(Who What Wear)
  • If you too have a quasi-perverse love for books, libraries, and bookcases  take a look at this photoblog bookshelf porn
  • Take a look at this list of 19 clever inventions that will make your life much easier (LifeBuzz)
  • Want to know what the most expensive chess set, piece of Star Wars memorabilia, or celebrity divorce cost? This site shows you the most expensive…well everything.
  • The history of the Internet in a nutshell (six revisions)
  • Advise for people in the twenties (daily zen list)
  • This is your brain on a breakup (nerve)
  • 15 Netflix Hacks (Slate)
  • Haters gonna hate by Ann Friedman (NY Mag)31-hierarchy-of-haters-extended.w1280.h851.2x