Mal & Her Merry Mayhem: Youtube Bound

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cinematic value: ummm… personality/entertainment value: epic, obvie   So why not bring that bubbly, unfiltered personality to the online video stage to give the whole vlog bit a go. Expect the unabashedly shameless, bizarro mischief you find here, on snapchat and throughout my menacing online presence,  only  published on a highly enthralling and engaging cinematic […]


Martin Shkreli: Digital Douchebag

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There’s a lot of things one can say about pharma-bro, Martin Shkreli. Most of these prevailing opinions essentially point to the fact that he’s not a super good guy….                      Not your grandma’s villain.  Aside from his unremitting digital harassment shenanigans, hiking the price of his […]

Health & Fitness

5 Things Not To Do At The Gym

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Gym Etiquette 101 You either perceive the gym as an illustrious sanctuary or a demonic torture chamber But so much of the gym experience consists of your fellow members’ allegiance to the unwritten rules prescribed by basic gym etiquette. The gym caters to many varieties of gym goers with variegated levels of fitness experience. Whether […]